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TD Bank's Commitment To Be As Green As Its Logo

TD Bank's Cypress Creek Store in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., the first net-zero energy bank in the U.S., features 400 solar panels that will produce 100 percent of the Store's annual energy needs.

TD Bank's Cypress Creek Store in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., the first net-zero energy bank in the U.S., features 400 solar panels that will produce 100 percent of the Store's annual energy needs.

At TD Bank, we have made a pledge to be as green as our logo. In response to feedback from customers and employees, the communities we serve, and other environmental stakeholders, the bank concentrates its efforts on three focus areas where we can drive the greatest results: energy efficiency, reduced paper use and employee engagement on environmental issues.


In 2010, TD Bank became the largest U.S.-based bank to be carbon neutral by constructing energy-efficient buildings according to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards, lowering its energy consumption, and purchasing enough renewable energy credits – from sources like wind, solar and low-impact hydro power – to offset 100 percent of the bank’s annual electricity needs for its Maine to Florida footprint. Highlights from these efforts include:

  • Opening more than 90 stores and corporate offices that are targeting LEED certification; To date, 72 are LEED certified and of those approximately 93 percent are at a Gold or Platinum level
  • In 2011, TD opened the first net-zero energy bank in the U.S. in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; A LEED Platinum-certified building with 400 solar panels that produce 100 percent of the building’s annual energy needs
  • Solar panel installations at more than 55 stores throughout the footprint generate between 12 to 18 percent of a store’s annual energy needs
  • In 2010, TD opened Maine’s first LEED-CI Platinum certified building; A 60,000 square-foot contact center in Auburn, Maine
  • Receiving a 2012 Green Power Partner Leadership Award from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency for TD Bank’s purchase of enough renewable energy credits to offset 100 percent of the bank’s annual energy use

Since 2011 and moving forward, all new TD Bank stores are designed and constructed to achieve LEED certification. On average, TD opens about 30 new stores a year.


Our customers and employees view excess paper as a major irritant. While the use of paper is sometimes legally required, there are opportunities to reduce or eliminate paper usage from our products, services and business processes.

In 2012, TD took its environmental initiative to the next level with its TD Forests program. TD Forests consists of a two-prong commitment:

  • TD Bank and its parent company, TD Bank Group, will reduce its paper usage by 20 percent by 2015
  • TD Bank and TD Bank Group will increase the area of protected forest habitat in the U.S. and Canada by roughly two football fields of forest each and every day

Highlights from these efforts include:

  • TD Green Machine ATMs: TD customers can manage their everyday banking needs at thousands of envelope-free TD Green Machines in the U.S. and Canada that save more than 50,000 lbs. of paper annually and are powered by renewable energy sources.
  • Paper Sourcing: We source environmentally certified paper (FSC, SFI, CSA) for letterhead, business envelopes, business cards and copy/fax paper. Our standard office paper contains a minimum of 30% post-consumer content.
  • Recycling: In 2010 TD joined the Boise® Closed Loop System™, a recycling program to divert paper waste from landfills and reuse it in the production of recycled office paper. This initiative diverts 1,500 metric tons of TD office paper from U.S. and Canadian landfills every year.
  • Providing Customer Options: We want to help our customers who are interested in reducing their paper use with convenient options like online banking, mobile banking, and online statements.

Employee Engagement

Our employees are the strongest supporters and advocates for our green initiatives. At TD, we have established a number of programs to engage employees and make the environment an important part of our culture.  These initiatives include:

  • U.S. Green Council: Senior executives from across the bank work together on this council to adopt environmental practices in each line of business, working to embed the support of the environment in all of our business operations.
  • TD Green Nation: A web-based performance management tool that allows employees to pledge and accomplish green acts. TD Green Nation lists hundreds of green acts that relate to the workplace, at home or through volunteering in the community. In keeping with TD’s focus on energy and reducing paper use, employees can measure their green performance in terms of carbon reduction and number of trees saved.
  • TD Tree Days: As TD’s flagship volunteer program, TD Tree Days provides employees the opportunity to demonstrate leadership in environmental stewardship within their local communities. Beginning in the fall, thousands of volunteers will plant hundreds of trees throughout our Maine to Florida footprint.

In partnership with The Nature Conservancy, TD Bank to protect approximately 214 acres of critical U.S. forest habitat.

TD purchases nearly 262 million kWh of green power annually - enough to meet 100 percent of its purchased electricity use.

TD's green stores use on average 50 percent less energy than heritage stores.

TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank®, in partnership with Alliance for Community Trees (ACTrees), is proud to announce its first TD Tree Days tree planting events, taking place during the month of October with more than 250 TD employee volunteers planting 200 trees in select locations.

New TD Bank store is energy efficient and 100 percent powered by on-site solar panels.